Euro 2012: Ukraine gets the red card

Đơn giản là hãy sign vào trang để giúp đỡ những người đồng tínhở Ukraine .

Are you going to Euro Cup 2012? François Hollande, President of France, is not. After Ukrainian President Yanukovych refused to stand up for democracy and human rights, the French government decided to boycott in protest.

Germany is Ukraine’s key partner and has a huge influence on the country. If we can convince Chancellor Angela Merkel to follow the trend and also boycott, it will make headlines everywhere and pressure Yanukovych to finally denounce the laws in his Parliament that want to make saying “gay” illegal.

Merkel says she will decide whether to attend the Euro Cup “at the last minute”. So let’s help her make up her mind!

Marcus Urban, Germany’s first openly gay pro football star, wants to tell Merkel to boycott. If he can show her that thousands of us – gay and straight – are standing up against homophobia in Ukraine, we can push her over the edge.

Marcus will deliver all our names in TWO DAYS.  Will you take one moment to ask Merkel to give Yanukovych a red card and boycott Euro 2012?

The pressure is growing: already 70,000 people have signed our petition and urged Ukraine President Yanukovych to denounce the anti-gay laws in his Parliament. He is the only one who can veto these laws that will make “homosexual propaganda” a crime throughout Ukraine.

Getting Angela Merkel to put pressure on the President of Ukraine will send a strong message. It will create a long lasting effect to block the anti-gay bill from passing even when the Euro 2012 ends and Europe’s attention fades away.

Ask Merkel to give Yanukovych a red card and boycott Euro 2012.

Thanks for going All Out,

Andre, Guillaume, Hayley, Jasmin, Jeremy, Mike, Tile and Wesley.

PS – Last Friday, we delivered 75,000 signatures straight to the President of Ukraine and his staff with a full ad page in the Kiyv Post, a major Ukrainian newspaper. Now, help us keep up the pressure by getting Merkel to dump the cup:


Amnesty International: Ukraine

French government to boycott Euro 2012

Merkel Rediscovers a Soft Spot for Human Rights


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